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"The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Channel 2 Action News reported in 2019 that House Speaker David Ralston used the privileges of his office to postpone court cases for clients of his private law practice. A state law dating back to 1905 allowed legislators to put off court dates if they notified a judge that their lawmaker duties required them to be elsewhere, and Ralston used the privilege repeatedly, keeping clients out of jail and civil complaints from moving forward in courts. Further reporting by the AJC revealed Ralston played a part in expanding the law in 2006 so that legislative leave could be claimed year-round, not just during legislative sessions..."

Credit: Johnny Edwards and Greg Bluestein, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Read Full Article: https://www.ajc.com/news/state--regional-govt--politics/ralston-critics-push-another-measure-curb-delays-criminal-cases/Bdul39K0lJNJwq4Cxk2ueN/

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