Hailie’s Amendment to Amend Legislative Leave Law Introduced

Hailie's Amendment Introduced

Hailie Massey and Eleanor visit with Gov. Kemp.

Currently, Georgia law allows legislators who are the lead counsel for a party to a case pending in any trial or appellate court to be granted a continuance and stay of the case if their legislative duties require them to be elsewhere. HB 982 would amend current Georgia law to exclude certain criminal cases involving sexual or other violent crimes, as defined under Chapters 5 and 6 of Title 16 of Georgia Code. Under HB 982, these legislators would still be allowed to request that a judge delay court proceedings for illness, vacation or for other valid reasons approved by the judge.

Rep. Jones recently announced HB 982 during a press conference on Thursday, February 20, 2020. He was joined by State Representative David Clark (D-Buford) and Hailie Massey, who inspired Rep. Jones to introduce HB 982.  

Governor Brian Kemp’s office issued the following statement to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

“Governor Kemp had the opportunity to meet with Hailie earlier today and thanked her for her bravery. The Kemp family believes that all victims deserve justice, and Hailie’s story is tremendously powerful.” 

For more information on HB 982, please click here.

To read the press release, please click here.

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